Terms of Business

These Terms of Business will apply in relation to all cleaning services earned out by us for our clients.

Our Services

The services that we provide for you will be set out in the Agreement between us. We will provide you with an appropriate member of staff after we ascertained your needs and your cleaner will be properly briefed.

Our Cleaners

WE use cleaners who are known to us and/or have good references, our aim being to ensure that all our personnel are reliable, discreet and honest. If at any time your designated cleaner is not available we will use our best efforts to provide a replacement.

Contract Period

The initial period of the contract is weeks unless otherwise agreed and it will then continue until either you or we give at least 39 days written notice to the other to bring it to an end.

Access & Keys

You will ensure that our cleaner has access to your property during the agreed working hours.

You will provide us with a key to your property and details of any relevant security codes to deal with your alarm system. The details will be kept strictly confidential and only your designated cleaner will be given the relevant information.

Charges & Payments

Unless otherwise agreed. We will invoice you monthly in advance and invoices ad due for payment within 7 days of invoice date. We may require that payment is made by credit or debit card and you should complete your card details when requested.

If any payment is not made on time we reserve the right to charge interest at 12% a year calculated on a daily basis on overdue accounts.

All charges are quoted exclusive of VAT which will be added as a appropriate and a VAT invoice or VAT receipt issued.

We reserve the right to increase our charges and you will be given at least one months notice of any increase.

If the agreement between us specifies that you are responsible for paying any out of pocked expenses such as travel costs or the cost of cleaning materials, these costs will be itemized in our invoices and payable by you.


If you have to cancel any cleaning appointment you must give us at least 2 working days notice. If you give less than this you will be liable for 50% of the charge and if you cancel on the day (???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)